We supply the following products daily across all Europe by rails, trucks and sea. However, we do not limit ourselves to these ones. You are welcome to consult us regarding any requirement you would have concerning oils products, petrochemicals or related products.


Petrus can offer you fully and semi-refined Paraffin Waxes and Microwaxes of all possible grades, from a large variety of refineries and producers. These include FDA and RAL grades. Blending facilities in various European countries can improve your efficiency.

2. Slack Wax

By resourcing from a wide range of refineries and producers from Europe, Africa and Asia, Petrus has the possibility to offer you all possible grades of Slack Wax, for all kinds of uses and industries: candle blends, paper and packaging industry, matches, MDF, chipboard, etc. If required, we can also organize your specifically requested blends.

3. Emulsions

Together with our European partners, we can produce and deliver wax emulsions as per your individual requirements.


The different White Oils we supply can be used in a variety of food related, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications. They are produced to the highest standards, to comply with the main food and pharmaceutical regulations.

5. LPG

We supply LPG mix, propane, butane, iso-butane, SFLU on FCA and DAP basis in railway cisterns or by tank-trucks. These are mainly sourced from refineries in CIS countries and find their way to East and West European distributors and consumers. Besides supplying LPG as raw material to the petrochemical industry, these are predominantly used as car fuel, for house heating and to fill liquefied gas cylinders for all possible household or industrial purposes.

6. Other

Petrus supplies various other petrochemical products. Should you have specific requirements, please contact us.

Petrus : Liquid slack wax in tanks Petrus : lpg propane truck on freeway Petrus : Surf wax